The Location

The small market town of Mailberg is one of the most famous wine-growing sites of the northwest Weinviertel (Austria’s largest wine-growing region) and is located in the middle of a wind-sheltered caldera valley. On the sunny slopes the vines feel particularly at home. As early as 1140, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta produced wine here. The soil of the "Mailberg Valley" is very calcareous and covered with loamy sand and loess. In combination with our specific microclimate, this gives the wines the fresh and spicy stylistics typical of our region and enables a great diversity of varieties.

In addition to our classic Grüner Veltliner – the widely known Weinviertel DAC and Weinviertel DAC Reserve – around 300 hectares of Chardonnay, Gelber Muskateller, Welschriesling and Sauvignon Blanc thrive here as well. Mailberg is also known as an island of red wine production, and we are especially pleased to have brought the state champion title of the Lower Austria wine awards home to the region five times in a row with our Blauer Zweigelt.

We manage around 50 hectares of vineyards. The most important and best-known single site vineyard in Mailberg is directly connected to our winery and is called Hundschupfen. On this sandy southern slope the grapes can slowly ripen far into the autumn thanks to the long hours of sunshine – ideal conditions for Grüner Veltliner.


"Good wine can only be produced in a healthy vineyard.“ 

This wisdom is not new, but is all the more true. "Soil obsessive" Leo Hagn, as he describes himself, attaches great importance to the deliberate handling of the soil, and is particularly focused on appropriate greening management. He precisely observes and scrutinizes everything, and is often still in the vineyards late in the night or already early in the morning. The grapes thank him for this, and your loyalty proves to us day after day that we are on the right track.